Our method is simple.Training Smart + Discipline + Commitment = Success.

If you put in the work you will reach your goals and you will succeed.

At Adelaide Beach Fitness we give you the program, tools, advice and technical skills to achieve your goals.

Client based Functional Training

Our Personal Training Programs are focused around the functional needs of the client, not a generic “functional” program.

Our aim is for a better stronger you and to achieve this we wholeheartedly believe your body should be the machine.

We don’t use stationary machines (apart from rehab exercises) that isolate muscle groups, again “we believe your body is the machine”.

Movement incorporating – Stability, Flexibility, Strength and Cardio is everything.

Good Technique is Key

We only use functional equipment and believe in slow strength exercises “if you can’t do it properly slowly then you can’t do it properly quickly”.

By educating through strict technique using Kettlebells, Suspension Training, Contralateral Movements, Animal Bodyweight exercises, Boxing and Kickboxing (alongside other techniques) we are able to help our clients learn a range of new skills, lose weight, improve confidence, strengthen and achieve.

By training smart, keeping discipline and being commited to your goals you can learn new skills and have alot of fun.

You can experience other aspects to training you may not have expected (e.g. improved social life, confidence in general and with other sports, self defence, weight loss, body tone, additional strength, improved cardio).