“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food


To compliment your fitness goals with the 12 Week Challenge we also recommend improving your eating habits.  If your goal is weight loss you will find tweaking what, when and how you eat will make a massive difference.

That said this is general advice for maintenance, if your goals are purely specific to performance, fat loss and adding muscle, it’s best to prepare a program based on your personal requirements.

“Learn how to cook, it’s a life skill”

“Knowing what goes into your body is paramount to your health”

Top Tips to add more energy and improve your body’s efficiency

We recommend to eat meals 3 times a day, along with homemade snacks (optional).

Breakfast, Main Meal (Meat & 3 Veg), Dinner (smaller than main meal, Wraps, Soup etc)

  1. Eat fresh Fruit and Vegetables – Visit a proper grocer or fruit & veg market.
  2. Eat fresh Meat and Fish – Visit a Butchers and Fishmongers.
  3. Add Fresh herbs to your meals they add real flavour without the calories.
  4. Use Olive Oil and Coconut Oil for your Cooking and Salads, stay away from highly processed oils.
  5. Reduce intake of Dairy products, replace cheese with cottage cheese.
  6. Prepare your own snacks and/or have a fruit and veg smoothie.
  7. Replace Bread, Pasta, Rice and White Potatoes with Thin Wraps, Zucchini Spaghetti, Cauliflower Rice and Sweet Potatoes.
  8. Drink water, at least 2 litres a day.
  9. Don’t drink Black Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, take Drugs or Smoke, replace with Green Tea, Decaffeinated Coffee.
  10. If you’re on Medication speak to your Doctor, alongside online research to see if there are alternatives that don’t have negative side effects on your body.

Preparing your Food

  1. Preparing meals at the weekend and freezing main ingredients is essential to keeping organised with your cooking.
  2. Steam, Bake, Shallow Fry Vegetables as boiling takes away lots of Nutrients.
  3. Don’t get bogged down with measuring food, for meat choose around the size of your palm per portion. For Vegetables, a small handful per vegetable is fine per person.
  4. The majority of shop bought sauces, ketchup, pasta sauces contain lots of sugar, salt and additives.  Prepare your own Sauce as they taste a millions times better and you know whats in them.
  5. A Slow Cooker is a fantastic and efficient way to make healthy food when you’re time poor, make large batches of soups, casseroles, stews, meats and freeze them for later.
  6. Leftovers – Create large batches of food when you cook as leftovers are another meal for another day and reduce cost.
  7.  Try to use everything, a Roast Chicken makes a great meal but the leftover bones make a fantastic chicken stock and base for sauces, curries and stews.
  8. Make your shopping list around the recipes for that week, so you have all the ingredients.  Sounds obvious but you will forget 
  9. Invest in airtight containers plus a herb & spice rack.
  10. Make sure you make time for Grocery shopping and Cooking it’s essential to controlling what you consume and keeping relaxed.  Food shouldn’t be stressful 

Follow these rules throughout the 12 week challenge, essentially we want you to eat, more or less how your grandparents ate; more home cooked food, Meat & Veg, Less Sugar, Less Alcohol, Less Coffee and Less Preservatives.

Try to make some changes to your nutritional habits and you will start to feel the benefits almost immediately. Remember preparation is the key to these changes, in fact all the P’s! Plan (your meals), Purchase (your groceries), Prepare (in advance for convenience), Preservatives (avoid at all costs!).

Remember if you have medical conditions to check with your doctor before changing your dietary habits.

Hope this helps!!!

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