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Adelaide based Private Personal Training 

Adelaide Beach Fitness Personal Training Services are created and dependent upon your Fitness Goals, Experience, Capabilities, Medical Health and Injuries.

We’ve helped transform the bodies of scores of clients, and in we’ve learned how to do it well. Our goal is for you to gain BODY STRENGTH with IMPROVED POSTURE whilst LOSING WEIGHT.  Turn back the clock on your life, and teach you how to maintain it indefinitely.

Results driven Personal Training 

Client satisfaction is very important, we won’t be satisfied unless our clients achieve the physical health they want and deserve.

When you learn how to eat well (leading to weight loss), and how to workout well (helping your strength, cardio and posture), within a few months you’ll see dramatic changes. Once that happens, you’ll be able to live a consistent fitness lifestyle.

In addition to traditional 1 on 1 Personal Training, we offer an intensive 12 Week Challenge for fast results. There is also Online Training for clients who don’t live near our Studio (see Below).


The 12 Week Challenge is for Clients with an intermediate level of fitness defined goals, no injuries and are prepared to listen and train.  For 12 Weeks we focus heavily in obtaining your Strength, Cardio and Nutrition, Body Composition targets, defined by measurements and results.

*This program will get you results but WillPower is required


Our Online Training Program offers just the same as as One to One Services but at a fraction of the cost and you don’t need a gym to complete the programs.  You will receive 24 Hour access – Nutritional Support, Personal Program, Body Composition Measurements, Personal Trainer Support and Workout Videos.

Learn More – Online Personal Training

*This program will get you results but WillPower is required

If you are based in Adelaide and are looking to hire a Personal Trainer, we have a Private Studio which helps  if you want some privacy or to avoid traditional commercial gyms.

We are available by appointment at a time which suits you.  Contact us below for more information or to arrange a call back for a free health consultation.

“Working with a Personal Trainer speeds up your fitness gains, which can equal more Body Strength, Less Body Fat, Improved Technique, Mobility & Confidence”.

Cheers Brian (Personal Trainer)